Thankful Thursday – A New Addition

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I have so very very much to be thankful for this year.

Even though I was forced to face the most difficult situation of my life, I have been surrounded by the most amazing people I could ever hope to come across, and their love and support has carried me through even the darkest of times.  And they haven’t been all dark, either!  I am extremely blessed just to be me – to have lucked into the life I have, with all of the resources and options I could need, just within arms reach.

So, in honor of the season of Thanksgiving, I have decided to start a blog post series called “Thankful Thursday”.  Every Thursday in November, I will be sharing something that I am grateful for this year – and I invite you all to join me in reflection, by sharing what YOU’RE thankful for in the comments, or by using the hashtag #ThankfulThursday on Twitter!

Before the rush of the Christmas season hits us – along with it’s frantic shopping and buying and gifting – let’s take a moment to pause, acknowledge, and be grateful for, all that we already have.


Thankful Thursday The HWL


Thankful Thursday – A New Addition

Long-time readers know that I have always wanted to be a mom.   The first time anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, at the age of two, “a mom” was my response.  I don’t have any clue why, but I have always known that it was something I was meant to do.

So after the loss of our first baby “Sparrow” due to miscarriage in May of this year, I was beyond devastated.  It was like there was a huge hole in my heart that just could not be filled.

Until three months later, on my birthday, when I took a test and it came back positive!  My heart was flooded with all of the usual emotions – excitement, love, fear, – and it hasn’t stopped overflowing with each of them since.

Today I am Thankful.

I am thankful that we are well into our 2nd trimester with a baby boy, past the point of worry, past the point of our previous loss, and armed with the knowledge that our trisomy 21/18/13 test is normal! So although the worry will never truly end, I am thankful that we have one less thing to worry about.


It's A Boy The HWL


I am thankful that although it’s not gone completely, my morning sickness is now sticking mainly to the mornings, and that it’s manageable unlike the last pregnancy.

I am thankful that my son will have two parents, who are together. And that I’m married to a man who is excited to be a father.  I am thankful that he is good with babies and children, and that he wants to be as involved and hands-on with parenting as I am.  I am thankful that he was a sweet, intelligent, funny, nice boy growing up; and not a holy terror, so that I can look forward to having a son like him.

Surprisingly enough, I’m even thankful that we’re having a boy, even though I thought I always wanted a girl!  But from the very beginning I knew he was a he, and I have been obsessively pinning ideas to his Cowboy/Western Themed Nursery Board on Pinterest, and dreaming of making him into a little gentleman.  I can’t wait to smell his little boy smell and count his toes and cuddle with him in his pajamas on the couch on sleepy weekend mornings!

Most of all, I am incredibly thankful that I get to be this little boy’s mom – I am thankful that he chose me to teach the ways of motherhood to, and the meaning of unconditional love.
I can’t wait to start this new adventure!


What are you Thankful for this Thursday?  Share your gratitude in the comments, or by using the hashtag #ThankfulThursday on Twitter!



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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – A New Addition

  • November 6, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    I am so very, very, very thankful for my amazing family especially my awesome children who have enriched my life beyond measure. I am continually astounded by them and so appreciate and admire they people they have become!!!!!

  • November 13, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    I like this. I am so sorry for the loss of your first little one. And congrats on the news of this pregnancy. I hope you and your husband have a healthy little boy. Thanks for sharing this at The Southern Special. I am thankful for so many things. Just tonight I just learned of the passing of someone that I grew up with. So, this reminds me of how thankful I am just to have a another day. What I am most thankful for is to having a loving Father (Abba Father). I am so thankful to have loving friends and family. I am thankful for life, health and strength.


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