Happy December! – A Personal Note on Political Correctness & The Holidays

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Happy December Everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already upon us…We had a crazy start to the month, but things are finally starting to slow down over here (a chronic illness + pregnancy + the holidays really kicked my butt this last week!).  And before they start back up into high gear, I figured there was a pretty important message I needed to share with you all, first!

In fact, I originally wrote this post in December 2012, but feel that it still holds true today.  And since there are a few new readers out there since the blog has made the switch to TheHWL.com, I decided that “A Personal Note on Political Correctness and The Holidays” was worth a re-vamp and a re-share this year.

No matter what you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Happy December 2014 The HWL

It is officially December!  And before I jump into full-on-Christmas-mode here at home and on the blog, I thought I might take a moment to write a quick note about my views on the holidays.

Personally – I celebrate Christmas.  And I love it!  I love the tree, I love the stockings, I love the smell of the house after you’ve been baking cookies all day, I love wrapping presents – I love buying presents. Okay, maybe I even like opening them too…And I LOVE the music.  (I seriously teared up in the car today when the theme from A Charlie Brown Christmas came on…at least this year I have the pregnancy hormones to blame it on!)

So anyways, I’m gonna be honest, I’ll probably mention the holiday a fair bit now that the season has hit full force.

However, I also totally respect anyone who happily celebrates another holiday, or no holiday at all!  (Although in the latter case, I may feel kind of sorry for you, because celebrations are fun!)

It’s just that, despite the fact that my town prides itself on multiculturalism…the truth is that it’s still a pretty small and not terribly diverse place, which means that even though I grew up with step-brothers who were Jewish (and therefore had a Menorah in the house and heard the story of Hanukkah), I’ve still never actually had the opportunity to meet anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa, Diwali, Festivus, or any of the other wonderful traditions held at this time of year around the world.  And more often than not, “Merry Christmas” is still the first thing that comes to my lips.


Politically Correct Holiday Sayings The HWL



That’s why I just wanted to take a moment at the beginning of this Happy December, to let all of my readers world-wide know that any time I talk about Christmas, it’s never my intention to make anyone feel left out, ignored, or belittled – it’s just my favorite holiday, and I’m excited, is all!  And I fully appreciate your right to do the same in the comment section, about whatever it is that you’re eagerly celebrating as well.

And, with that out of the way…I’m going to go see if I can’t dig some decorations out of the garage to get this house in the holiday spirit!


Happy December!!


Do you celebrate Christmas?  If not, what holiday are you getting ready for this time of year?  Anyone out there celebrating more than one holiday?  What are your thoughts on being politically correct during the holiday season?


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