Maternity Monday – Maternity Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration Pieces: Pt. 2

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Okay – I’ll admit it.  Even though I’m generally against shopping on the so-called biggest shopping days of the year…I did.  I caved and I gave into the amazing (online!) Black Friday sales, and added a few more items to my Maternity Capsule Wardrobe.  I can’t wait until they get here!


As successful as my first Maternity Shopping Trip was, I got home and after about a week, I realized I was missing a few key items – namely t-shirts!

But that’s what I love about the idea of a Capsule Wardrobe; It doesn’t take long to stock up on items, and once you know what you have and love, it’s super easy to fill in the gaps with a few basics here and there to match.  Plus, when you know what you NEED and aren’t just idly browsing for items, you’re more likely to pick up something that you’ll adore, at a good price, and that will last you – instead of a random piece that will get donated with the next round of closet clean-outs.

New here?  Click This Link to find out how to build your own Maternity Capsule Wardrobe!

Maternity Monday Collage 2 The HWL

I’ll be sure to update you all with a new shot of my stash when everything arrives in a week or so.  Luckily, while I wait, I’m still not bored with mixing and matching the items I already have.  I’m even finding it kind of fun to finally be big enough to really look pregnant even in maternity clothes!  (…Famous Last Words).

But for those of you moms-to-be out there, who aren’t enjoying Maternity clothes, and are wondering how in the heck you can still look cute while wearing them, be sure to check out today’s inspiration pieces and click the links below to find out where you can purchase them yourself!


Live Purposefully – Maternity Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration Pieces

Maternity Monday

Maternity Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration Piece 2 Front The HWL

Tank Top – Old Navy |  Maxi Skirt – Old Navy |  Sweater – JCPenney (Not maternity, but I never really button sweaters anyways!)  |  Knee-High Suede Peter Pan Boots – Fred Meyer (Local Store)


I wore this outfit grocery shopping this afternoon, and got complimented by a man in drag who liked my long skirt.  So, you know, if that doesn’t scream “I’m super stylish!” I don’t know what does!


The Reason I Love These Items:

The Tank Top – I can’t get enough of this tank top.  I actually got it second-hand from a FB Maternity Clothes Swap Group, and I love it for so many reasons.  For one, it’s white, so it goes with EVERYTHING I bought, and it’s thin enough to layer, so I can add it underneath things for some extra warmth.  It’s also super stretchy and supportive all at the same time, so it fits perfectly no matter what shape I morph into!  Honestly, I probably need to invest in another one of these, because this one is gross and I need to wash it, but who has time when you can wear it constantly instead?

The Skirt – This skirt is one of my favorite pieces – it’s flowy, stretchy, and super comfortable, while still being somewhat dressy.  I can feel free and unrestricted while still looking cute, no annoying elastic feeling around my belly.  It’s also a maxi, which means I can wear it all winter long with a pair of boots and some tights, but it’s light enough to transition into spring with, which is nice because we’re not due until April!  Oh, and it actually fits me and doesn’t make me feel like a total midget, which is nearly impossible for a maxi-lengthed skirt or dress to do to us short folks.  I have a couple of other skirts like this one that I got at American Eagle (so they’re not technically maternity obviously, but they still work), and I have a feeling I’m going to LIVE in them in a few more months.

The Sweater –  It’s a pretty basic sweater – there’s not a whole lot to add to the description on this one, except for that the cardigan style adds a little bit more class to the whole occasion, in my opinion.  Plus I love a good jewel toned turquoise for adding a pop of color to an outfit.

The Boots – Suede boots should be a staple, I think, in anyone’s wardrobe.  I ADORE these boots because they’re flats so I can wear them without killing my feet and my back, and they’re super warm and really cute (not that you can tell in these pictures, you’ll just have to take my word for it!).

Maternity Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration Piece 2 Bump The HWL

 At 19+5 weeks, we’re almost halfway through, I can’t tell you how lovely it is to finally have clothes I feel comfortable in, and am not busting out of.  I know a lot of people who resist maternity clothes their entire pregnancy, and I have to say – I think that’s crazy!

Just because you’re buying in the maternity section now, doesn’t mean you have to give in to the frump.  It’s still totally possible to keep your style and find ways to make it stretch with you – WITHOUT stretching out the clothes you already own and love, or your budget.  The key to successfully building your Maternity Capsule Wardrobe is really just to find the items that speak to you!  I promise there’s something out there for everyone.

Looking for even more ideas? Be sure to Stay Tuned for more even more Inspiration Pieces every Maternity Monday!

 Maternity Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration 2 Side The HWL

What are some staples in your Maternity Wardrobe?  Are there any “must-haves” I should include in my Maternity Capsule Wardrobe?  Where are your favorite places to shop for maternity pieces?



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  • December 9, 2014 at 8:15 am

    I have to say I ended up loving a few of my maternity pieces so much that I was sad to not be able to wear them any more!


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